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     This is our new Large area fuel filter.  It also acts as one half of the quick disconnect unit, so it's clean and compact.   It doesn't create issues with fuel line routing, as other filters that clamp in place do.    They have DUAL sealing O rings, where it fits into the quick disconnect.  For double the protection against ever having a leak here

filter apart.jpeg

     This is ours, and the stock one.   Ours is rebuildable, and you just unscrew the 2 halves by holding the nut flats.   If you have an older style filter, that doesn't have a place for the wrenches, it isn't rebuildable



 Disassembled, you can clearly see the difference, and the advantage, of ours.   The stock one is on the bottom.  It's a 20 micron filter screen and has an extremely small filtering area.  It clogs very easily and creates running issues for your bike.

     Ours is on the top and you can see that the stainless steel screen is 6 times larger in area.   The chances of ever clogging, to where it affects performance, are extremely slim.  



TPI relocation block direct oil injection KTM Husky GasGas.jpeg
tbi filter.jpeg

       Because the screen is such a larger area than the stock filter, and still 20 microns, it allows 2 stroke guys the ability to add oil to their fuel.  

       The stock filters can't hardly handle the thin viscosity of fuel, let alone the thicker viscosity of oil added to the fuel.

Now you can do that, up to 32:1, or 4 ounces of oil to each gallon of gas.    But don't try that with the little stock filter.

      This is why, this is the ONLY filter you want to use on a  TBI bike


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