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Handlebar Vibration Dampers for 2024 EXCF/XCFW/XFW/XCW

Handlebar Vibration Dampers for 2024 EXCF/XCFW/XFW/XCW


The handlebar clamps on the 2024 350/450/500 EXCF/XCFW/XWF 4 strokes and the 2024 150/250/300 XCW 2 strokes are all hard mounted.  


You can see in the 3rd product picture that they put the tapers in the triple clamps to be able to hold shock absorbing rubbers, but forgot to fill them.  Probably to save a few $.


Luckily, a customer named Bill, who designs elastomers for a living, made the greatest set of shock absorbing proprietary (pink) elastomers that you can get. He nailed the compound perfectly!


Commercially avalable elastomers or rubber don't compare to this system of his. What a difference in comfort when riding.  Reduce shocks to your hands, arm pump and most vibration.


Absorb shocks and reduce a lot of vibration with this kit.  Easy to install ad works with your stock handlebar lock.



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