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Dead ends by themselves

Dead ends by themselves


The dead ends are a smart way to hard mount your wrap around hand guards and reduce vibration at the same time.  They are made of brass, so the extra weight acts as a bar end weight.  This helps with vibration.

You cut the last 1.5" off of your bar, thread it, and then these screw in, and make up the 1.5".   Because of this, you could make your bars  wider, if you want.

The tap size is 5/8 - 11.   You can get the installation kit as well, for ease of installation.   The pics of the round collars on the bars, that guide the hacksaw blade, ar from the seperate installation kit.

If using the stock KTM  Neken bars, you don't need to drill a bigger hole in the bar, to use the tap.


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