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Traction Control Map Switch for 2024 KTM/HUSKY/GAS GAS

Traction Control Map Switch for 2024 KTM/HUSKY/GAS GAS


You can see from the last 2 pictures, where to plug in the map switch on the 2024 models.  This is all 2 and 4 stroke models.


This map switch / traction control switch works on all 2024 EXCF / EXC / 6 days / FE-W / FE-S and ES bikes.  Also on all the 2024  2 stroke TBI bikes.

This is the only style of switch that will work on these bikes.    THIS ONLY WORKS IF WE HAVE REMAPPED YOUR ECU FOR THESE BIKES, AND NOT ALL MODELS WORK.   


You will have a more and less powerfull map you can switch between, with the white and green buttons.  Also, you can enable traction control, in both maps, when the TC button is pushed, and the TC light is illuminated.  


A Note On Remapped 2024 ECUs:

This switch works on our 2024 remappings, only if we reprogrammed your stock ECU after December 1st 2023. If you purchased a 2024 remapping prior to December 1st, 2023...the switch will not work, and you will have to send your ECU back in to be remapped with the new switch mapping (for an additional cost).

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