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Metallic Texture

Installation Instructions

These fit the stock triple clamps on the 2024-25 KTM EXCF / XWF / XCWF and XC-W bikes.

Can you believe the stock clamps have the tapers in them, to accept handlebars mount rubbers, but don't have the rubbers? It's easy to fix. First, remove the stock Torx bolt ( T 45 ), you see below. A smaller swivel 3/8" extension, works good to help access them.

Insert the new assemblies, as shown below. They will insert in the holes easily.

Break the top off of the blue loctite, and apply to the threads on the new bolts, as shown below

Then tighten down the new bolts with a 17 mm socket and ratchet. Just snug is fine, as the lock washer and loctite, will secure in place. Check tightness, after first ride

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