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We have started shipping outside the USA again.  Please take note though, that becasue of the virus, packages can easily sit up to 8 weeks in quarantine centers before entering your country. And we can't do a thing to put a claim on a package until it hasn't moved for 3 months. Shipping, and the state of the whole world, sucks right now. So just keep that in mind 






Wondering Where to go next on this site?

If this is your first time on the site—we’d suggest learning about everything we’ve engineered for your specific bike by visiting the “Bike Builds” tab in the menu bar above.

If you already know what you want because someone told you about us, you can visit the Power Bundle Deals or Products tabs.

For a quick example of how much power we’re able to make with our performance aftermarket parts…

Just take a look at the dyno charts here to see the power gains our products are achieving for the latest KTM’s and Husky’s.

Serious riders love our products because we know how to get the right amount of fuel to your engine, make consistent power, keep your bike running cooler and safer… and keeping your parts protected for far longer.

The entire purpose of this company is to help you get the most power for your particular model bike and budget.

2020 500 EXC / FE-S Power Bundle gain of 16.6 horsepower… Can you believe 70.6 horsepower for only $649.95!

2020 350 EXC / FE-S Power Bundle gain of 11.2 horsepower… Can you believe 54.9 horsepower for only $649.95!!

Using our "Power Bundles", you can easily give yourbike the 10-16 horsepower gain it needs for only $600 - $700. This saves you money and gives you all you need to start easy, and run strong without flaming out or stalling... and it pulls into a big, strong top end gain too. 

I just wanted to do a quick shout out and tell you how much I love the clutch weight.

Installing this saved me ten grand...I was gonna buy a new bike for technical trails.


It's literally that good!  Thanks!




-Todd Myers | 2017 fx450

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Best Dual Sport Bikes designs performance aftermarket parts for KTM and Husqvarna brand bikes. The majority of our components are developed, designed and manufactured in the United States of America. Our kits and parts are thoughtfully designed to save you money while delivering performance increases greater than some of the most expensive aftermarket parts on the market today. 

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