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Cross Drilled Clutch Weight Pressure Plate - Adds 11oz of Rotating Weight

Cross Drilled Clutch Weight Pressure Plate - Adds 11oz of Rotating Weight


This is best for 2 strokes and 4 strokes 350 cc and less.   The angeld holes at the outer diameter of this plate, scoop up the oil in the case and shove into the clutch plates.  This keeps the clutch cooler under heavy use.


This 18oz steel pressure plate replaces your stock 7oz aluminum pressure plate and clutch plate to add an additional 11 ounces of rotating weight.  It has a 1.5" larger diameter than a standard clutch weight.


As a result of this larger diameter, nothing compares to the shear tractability this will give your bike. It adds throttle control like no other and reduces flameouts and stalling in a huge way. On the 500's and 450 race bikes, it lowers the vibrations and throbbiness of those engines.


Since the assembly doesn't stick out any further than the original stock setup, it fits with ALL stock and aftermarket clutch covers.

Note: If you want to completely stop flameouts and vibrations, the blocked up stock EXCF and FE-S exhaust end cap needs to be changed. If not the exhaust back up will still give you the flameouts and vibrations. You can purchase our power end cap here to remedy that situation.


Product Eduction Video

Product Installation Video


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  • Fits the Following Makes & Models

    2013 - 2024  All EXC, EXCF, XCFW , FE, FE-S. EXCEPT 2024 250 and 350


    2017 - 2023  SXF / XCF / FC / FX 450 4-stroke


    2019 - 2024  All GAS GAS  450 / 500 4-stroke


    2018 - 2024  All 250 / 300 2-stroke

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